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Payroll Services

Reduce your payroll preparation to a single phone call or email! We provide a complete payroll service to all businesses.

Our service is confidential and computerized. End of year returns are prepared and filed on time avoiding any interest or penalties.

Benefits of our payroll service

  1. Competitive price
  2. Confidentiality from others within the organization
  3. Advice on payments for redundancy and in lieu of notice
  4. Year end returns prepared on time to avoid interest and penalties
  5. Compliance with ever increasing legislative complexities
  6. Advice on casual and self employed workers
  7. Reduced administration costs
  8. Friendly and efficient service

Payroll Service

  • Calculation of payroll numbers;
  • Computation of tax liability of the employee;
  • Preparation of payroll statement and bank advise;
  • Issuance of Pay Slip;
  • Depositing withholding tax on salary into Govt. Exchequer;
  • Processing final settlement bill of outgoing employee; and
  • Preparation and filing of annual salary statement with the tax authority.