Vat Services

We help businesses manage their VAT charge effectively. This reduces the risk of penalties and interest. Management time spent dealing with the VAT Department is also reduced. The penalties for failure to comply with the law have become more punitive.

We will prepare your VAT Return each month and help with planning advice on abnormal VAT transactions. The Return is sent to you for signature and you then send this to us with a cheque and we will deposit the vat into Govt. Exchequer and file the return with the VAT authority along with the acknowledged vat challans.

Handling Value Added Tax collected at source

  1. Advising on applicable rate of vat to withhold at the time of payment;
  2. Preparation of documents relating to depositing the vat amount into Govt. Exchequer; and
  3. Depositing vat amount into Govt. Exchequer and collecting acknowledged bank chalan.

VAT Reporting

  • Preparation of documents relating to depositing the VAT amount collected from the customer into Govt. Exchequer;
  • Preparation of monthly VAT Report and filing with the VAT authority; and
  • Obtaining attested copy of the VAT Report.